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Georgia, United States

Urban / Rhythm & Blues

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As a child,

Koffee having been the only girl growing up around 3 brothers, was forced into becoming a creative blast of talent. From singing to acting, to writing poetry and songs for school class projects or high school talent shows. While living up North, (Springfield, Mass) as latch key kids, it became common place for Koffee and her 3 have rap battles and dance contests to occupy their time. This became competitive and a fun challenge that Koffee would look forward to. (No'one could ever beat RAP master Jaysen her oldest brother) As a result, this type of natural- first hand "raw" talent would have no choice but to eventually shape Koffee as the artist she's come to be. Now in preparing for Album 3 (the 1st was "To whom it may concern.." and the 2nd was "Miss Georgia") she is finally going to take her time and give you a dose of every part of her creativity hoping to embark on a signature style all her very own. "I will give a hit quick hypnotic flow, with soulful sorprano scats over traditionally hip beats that rap catz would kill, surprise you with concept and break it down then give it back." She says.

It is Koffee's mission to attack from a different angle and just do what she loves to do. "I just wanna make music that feels good.. I means feels good and sounds good...I don't care any more about genre and what's hot! I just wanna do what I do, which is a mix of everything I am ." You could call this next album, Urban Soul, Hip Pop and R&B if you like,,, just don't call it "NEO SOUL". "There ain't nothing new about Soul." she laughs....

"We just re-invent and redefine"...

Please stay Tuned for Koffee's new project to come.
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