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Badger: The Storytelling Healer
#27 in New Age SongVault Certified
Badger: The Storytelling Healer
Gaia Calling
New Age
Length: 7:46
On Network Since May 12, 2008
Panda: Creature of Compassion
#38 in New Age SongVault Certified
Panda: Creature of Compassion
Gaia Calling
New Age
Length: 7:37
On Network Since May 12, 2008
Walrus: Gatherer of Souls
#39 in New Age SongVault Certified
Walrus: Gatherer of Souls
Gaia Calling
New Age
Length: 7:53
On Network Since May 12, 2008
Kim Bold
SongVault Certified Artist Kim Bold

Texas, United States

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Kim Bold: Musician, Writer, Teacher
Sounds, Stories and Songs for the Soul

An Aural Eden
Kim Bold is a teacher, musician and author with a rare artistic gift in todayís fast-paced and high-tech world. She creatively taps into the living vibrations within Mother Earth and all living things. With each sentence, each tone and every musical note, she creates a garden of sounds, stories and songs for the soul Ė an aural Eden.

Kim combines musical talent with the gift of storytelling to reawaken one to their life source. She opens an ďinner bookĒ re-introducing awareness of the true being dormant within us all. Kim believes that we are all natural musicians and artists and music is the result of enlightenment. However, she has a special connection with the natural world which allows her to offer inspiration and insight through combining creative writing and musical compositions.

A Connection to Gaia
For Kim, earth is one giant living organism, or Gaia. Her gift of storytelling coupled with her mastery of woodwind instruments yields a masterful musical journey. Itís an adventure filled with messages of healing that permeate the soul and provide intensive healing and deep insight. This is what music was always meant to be as a natural extension of human experience. Just as the Shaman and magical musicians of ancient times, Kim brings humankind back to its basal need for imagery. In both an auditory and visual sense, she re-establishes a connection to Gaia in our subconscious minds.

A Seed is Planted
Raised in New Mexico, music and storytelling have always been an innate part of Kimís life. She began her love of writing and telling stories as a young child and music always filled her home. Her mother was a music instructor and church pianist and each of her four sisters played an instrument. This early and constant exposure to music and instruments would prove vital in Kimís development as an artist. Her first instrument, at the age of ten, was the acoustic guitar. However, woodwind instruments would become her true love, and she began studying the clarinet at age eleven. Kimís eventual mastery of the clarinet became the foundation of her implementation and an ever-growing appreciation of native flutes.

Hearing Gaia's Call
Kim continued mastering the clarinet well into college at Texas Tech University where she was trained in Classical Music and earned a B.A. in Applied Music. After college, Kim moved to Dallas, Texas and entered the corporate world. However, it wasn't long before she was once again yearning to develop her creative gifts. Intuitive experiences influenced her while listening to the sounds of a Native American flute at a Shaman sound therapy session in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Kim realized, she could amalgamate her musical compositions and creative prose into one powerful talent - she had heard Gaia's call.

The Writer: Spirit Animal Stories
Dreams, meditation and inspiration had helped Kim unlock an ancient wisdom in her subconscious mind. She had discovered a new direction for her gift of storytelling and a way to bring inspiration and healing to others. Her lifelong artistic process was now unfolding before her. She set out to create a collection of stories inspired by the intuitive experiences she had studying Animal Symbology and Animal Medicine. Kimís stories are organized as fables and parables. This is the same style of writing on which many indigenous cultures depend to relay their spiritual beliefs, truths and teachings. The fables in Kimís work revolve around Gaia Theory and focus on the conversations between Gaia and seven different animals from around the world. The result of these experiences was a book entitled Gaia Calling: Spirit Animal Stories and an accompanying CD with a guided meditation.

The Musician: Spirit Animal Music
After the stories were finished, Kim began hearing the melodies that would give meaning to the stories she had written. The tranquil sounds of many different woodwind instruments were used. Some of these were; the Native American, Celtic, Chinese Bawu and Pennywhistle flutes. The soothing and natural sound of ethnic flutes - and their history used in spiritual rituals - made them the perfect tools to communicate inspirational stories through music. In addition, soft keyboard accents and subtle percussion were added to take the listener to a deeper place in the mind. Kim Boldís debut CD entitled Gaia Calling: Spirit Animal Music had been born.

The Teacher: Continuing Creative Healing
Taken together, the creative combination of the CD and the book represent Kim's lifelong journey as a storyteller and musician, however, she is also a teacher. Kim's artistic work transcends genre, age, language, ethnicity, and nationality. She stays true to her art and its message to make a difference in the world. For Kim, her music and writing is not simply meant to be entertainment, however it is also for healing and inspiration. In the summer of 2007 Kim performed at the International Women's Peace conference in Dallas. This conference was an epiphany for her, as she realized the greater purpose for her music on a global and multi-cultural scale. In May of 2007 Shelly Niebuhr of Art and Soul of North Texas interviewed Kim in which she detailed the creative adventure that her music has taken her. With her own music label, Fifth Mesa Creations, Kim continues to take her music and message to larger audiences via workshops and teaching Native American flute. She continues to support the SPCA as well as the Nature Conservancy.
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