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Kierstin Sieser
Kierstin Sieser

Connecticut, United States

Folk / Indie Pop

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A child of the 80's; the daughter of amazing parents who met on a commune in Western Massachusetts in 1969. Kierstin was born with music in her veins. She would watch her father's bands practice in the basement. She would write and record songs on her tape recorder in her bedroom. She would devour the family records like secretes. As a teenager she became shy and "lived in a box of paints”, but after living in New York City and teaching herself how to play guitar she found her way back to music. She lent her voice and lyrics to electronic musicians and developed as a singer, songwriter and a performer. She has played numerous venues including Cafe Nine, New Haven Ct., The Sidewalk Cafe, NYC, The Charleston, Brooklyn NY, and many many more. Her debut studio album "Songs from the Seams" has been a long time coming, but well worth the wait. It is an album about transformation and the stories that are found where different worlds meet. Kierstin’s voice is thick and multi toned, part Soul and part folk Americana. Her songs are vulnerable, honest and filled with heartbreaking stories, organic metaphors, and vivid dreamscapes.
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