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Kevin & Claudia Forde
Kevin & Claudia Forde

San Rafael
California, United States

Electric Blues / Acoustic Blues

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Kevin is from Marin County, California, and Claudia was born in Mainz, Germany. She and her family emigrated to the United States when she was 9 months old. Kevin and Claudia met in 1987 when she recorded some songs at Kevin's home studio. Over the next few years, they developed a strong musical and personal relationship. In 1994 Kevin and Claudia married, becoming partners in life as well as in musical creation. Their music is the result of the many influences each has had. These influences include rock, blues, folk, country, and classical music from many artists. Both Kevin and Claudia are multi-instrumentalists and singers, and have truly eclectic tastes in various musical styles and genres. Both Kevin and Claudia have extensive experience in the S.F. Bay Area music scene.
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