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SongVault Certified Artist Kesan

Georgia, United States

Alternative Rap / East Coast Rap

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Atlanta based entrepreneur Kesan is a versatile entertainer considered by many to have the same drive and similar characteristics of a young LL Cool J. His rare combination of charisma, street knowledge and lyrical prowess distinguish him as one of hip-hops most promising new superstars. Kesan was born Markice Moore in New Brunswick, New Jersey, in the late 80's just as hip-hop was entering its formative years. A broken home background forced the young man to grow up fast and Kesan took responsibility for his own survival at the age of 14. Before dropping out of high school a year later Kesan was sleeping in recording studios using music as an outlet to channel his energy and to escape the harsh realities of his environment. Mentored by the neighborhood street celebrities, he absorbed everything around him developing an ability that won him many rap battles against much older MCs.
Networking came easily to the charismatic young rapper and it wasn't long before he began connecting with the movers and shakers of the hip-hop industry. After a chance meeting with his later manager and mentor Ray The Hustler, Kesan began doing some ghost writing for a couple of undisclosed MCs. Kesan got his first taste of the limelight when R&B superstar Ginuwine asked him to rap on the his hit single "In Those Jeans" during an appearance on BETs 106th & Park . It was at this moment that Kesan realized that hip hop was his calling and he would put his energy into pursuing a music career. A couple years later, after some street hustling, he saved enough money for a trip to Atlanta, and told his father and step-mother he was going to Atlanta to follow his dreams.
Kesan found his first year in Atlanta to be challenging and with limited resources and even fewer contacts, the "Hollywood of the South" didn't seem so promising to the aspiring MC. He reverted back to his hustle instincts and began doing whatever it took to survive. In the midst of this, Kesan never lost focus of what he knew was his calling, and became more determined to hold on. His perseverance would soon pay off after competing in several open mic nights and artist showcases, word began to spread about the young rapper from up north, with swagger and skill beyond his years. Before he knew it, Kesan found himself collaborating with the likes of Killer Mike, Too Short, Loon and Akon to name just a few. A natural in front of the camera, Kesan began honing his skills as an actor landing a lead role in the Dallas Austin produced television pilot, Coming Up Roses. From there came a supporting role in the feature film ATL starring T.I. and Antwan 'Big Boi' Patton and directed by Chris Robinson, where Kesan played a young cousin to Big Bois character. Despite the initial buzz and a few tastes of local celebrity, Kesan remained focused on finding a team to get behind him with the sense of urgency necessary to take him to the next level.
In 2008, growing weary of the politics of the industry, Kesan took the initiative and started his own company The Black Music Corporation, and has since formed a strategic alliance with Anotha Dais Productions. After getting with Jovan Dais of Anotha Dais production, his character in the underground classic, " The Narrator Jamie Foxx: From G's to Gent's airing this summer on MTV. Having experienced the ups and downs of the industry, evolves a seasoned entertainer, armed with a catalog of album ready songs, his business swagger up, and an aggressive team in place, ready to leave his mark on this business of entertainment.
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