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Neptune Beach
Florida, United States

New Acoustic / Rock & Roll

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How The Band Met: Steve Sebby and manager J.D. Blair met at a concert in their college town of Carbondale, Illinois. After working together for a few months they met Phil Powell at an open mic jam in a local coffee house. The three hit off immediately their passon for music formed Kerouline based on Steve's love for Jack Kerouac. The rest is history. The band has been on tours in the Midwest and more recently a 3 month stint in Florida and Georgia. Steve Sebby-Steve Sebby was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and moved to Serena,Illinois and began his music career in high school when he started his first band. Upon graduating high school he joined the USMC and was sent to Iraq where his music, and lyrics began to take their present day shape. Steve brings life to music with humanistic lyrics and a smooth acoustic sound. Some of his musical influences include: The Smashing Pumpkins,Ryan Adams, Johnny Cash, Pete Yorn, Bob Dylan, Bobby Darin, Dave Matthews, Tom Petty, and several other great musicians. The current album 'Dry Town' is a culmination of real life feel good music and love themed songs, with tributes to some of Steve's influences. The songs on the album draw from Steve's time spent in Iraq, and his life experiences since then. Steve has finished one solo album entitled Dry Town. Phil Powell-Phil's passion for music evolved from his first love, art. America ’s favorite pastime of baseball helped Phil earn a scholarship to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD for alumni). This city changed his outlook on love, life, and happiness. Two important aspects of Phil’s life changed very soon: first, his fire for baseball smoldered, second, he stumbled across the Bayou Café  the home of a local musician “CHIEF”. That particular chance meeting marked the first step in Phil’s life long musical journey! With the help of his first musical partner Justin and the plethora of musical variety to mold him, it was a no brainer! From this point on Phil has taken many routes on the musical journey, including rock, country, bluegrass, acoustic, and his passion, the blues, and has met so many great friends along the way.
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