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Ken Bailey
Ken Bailey

Ohio, United States

Alternative / Rock & Roll

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Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey are long time collaborators who started writing together almost by accident, searching for an outlet for our creative energies. Some 130+ songs later, we continue to follow only two rules: we write what we feel, and we try to do it in a quality way. We currently operate out of a 24 track studio in Ironton Ohio
We have marketed songs in the past, having a few near-misses, the most signifigant being an audience with Phil Collins' Hit and Run Publishing in London. Our first CD "Blood from a Turnip" is available at CD Baby and CD Net on the web. We don't follow any particular style in our approach to original music; we continue to draw from our life experiences to find our songs. We both know Bruce "Ombus" Salley personally. We would greatly appreciate any consideration for exposure for our music. We are currently the featured artists on Westfield Radio, our 24 hour internet station. All Contact information is included below.
Tim Ratcliff and Ken Bailey
represented by the Westfield Recording Company
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