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Ken Allan Phillips
Ken Allan Phillips

Nevada, United States

Big Band / Lounge / Vocal

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Ken Allan Phillips
(native of Annapolis, Maryland) has always been involved in Musicals, Shows and Reviews.

Throughout his teenage years to High School, Ken performed in more than 20 musicals and plays.

Scholarship awards for acting include Essex Community College, and
“The American Musical & Dramatic Academy". Ken also represented
the United States in a performance exchange program for six weeks in
Nanterre, France at “Theatre Des Amandiers” as well as placing in the
top 5 of "NYSTA (New York Singing Teachers Association)".

New York stage credits include "Tony and Tina's Wedding" (off Broadway), "LifeSong",
"Star-Crossed Lovers" and many more. Television credits include "One Life to Live".
Ken is also a veteran of the Piano Bar circuit throughout Manhattan having performed
multiple singing showcases.

California stage credits include "Clap Trap", "Forever Plaid". Film credits include "Phil" (staring role)

Nevada stage credits include "Forever Plaid" and "The Venetian" (Gondolier)
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