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Los Angeles
California, United States

Indie Rock / Indie Pop

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"Music is in my blood.” Growing up listening to musical tales of her family: from the experimental jazz of her father and her uncle, Ornette Coleman, to her mother, a singer on Broadway . . . kelda could not help but set out to create a musical legend all her own.
Before the age of 18, kelda had moved all over the country, living in six states and attending 11 schools. The only constants in her life were God, her mother and her piano. Even during these troublesome moves, usually involving great distances, her mother always insisted on bringing the antique, upright Nordheimer piano along. And so, at the early age of 11, her musical transformation really began to take its course, when she altered her focus from Bach and Chopin to her own work. As she has stated, "the journey of songwriting has made all the difference."
With musical influences from Tori Amos and Sarah McLachlan to Fiona Apple, kelda’s unique and hypnotic songs can liven the hungriest of audiences and sooth the loneliest of hearts. The music draws its strength from her multicultural background creating a sensual union of pop tapestries and melodious piano-based alternative rock with immediate lyrics and a youthful sincerity that's earnest, open and real.
kelda is currently playing all over Los Angeles at clubs and coffeehouses, ranging from The Knitting Factory to The Gig and The Mint to Genghis Cohen, as well as throughout the East Coast, Texas, the Pacific Northwest, Hawaii and Europe (see “venues” enclosure for full list). She has opened for artists such as Kanye West, Tyler Hilton and Mae. kelda released her debut EP in 2002 and in January of 2004 she released her second EP, Carried Away, produced by Geza X. And her first full-length album, Detour, is distributed nationally by ADA (Warner Music Group’s independent arm).
kelda’s music is currently being played on college and online radio internationally. The music has also been licensed for the CBS Jerry Bruckheimer hit show Cold Case, the WB show High School Reunion, MTV programming (including the hit reality series The Real World, Road Rules, and Trippin) as well as indie films The Shooter and Daymaker. She was selected as one of the Hot 100 Unsigned Artists by Music Connection in both 2003 and 2004. kelda was also chosen, as one of twelve, to participate in the ASCAP Lester Sill’s Songwriting Workshop. And in 2005, she received a keyboard endorsement from
Kurzweil as well as an LA Music Awards nomination.
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