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Too Late
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Too Late
Searching For Signal
Length: 3:32
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Keith LuBrant
SongVault Certified Artist Keith LuBrant

New Jersey, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Soft Rock

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LuBrant is from New Jersey, which has always been a breeding ground
for great songwriters and great music. Sandwiched in-between two of
the greatest musical cities in the world, New York and Philadelphia,
New Jersey has the proximity to be influenced by the incredible music
of these cities, yet the distance necessary to build one's own style.
Keith has taken advantage of this fact with great success. His musical
style is fresh and original. His dedication to songwriting is evident
in the integrity and detail that go into the crafting of his music.

fruition of his songwriting ability was evident in his first indie release,
Face In The Crowd, a CD that was described in one review as "having
absolutely no filler material". That's high praise at a time when
you're lucky to hear one or two good songs on a CD after purchasing
it based on the strength of a single you heard on the radio.

"I've always loved a song with a hook regardless of the musical
style", says Keith. "I've spent hours analyzing songs…why
some parts work and others don't…what makes a song good". It's
safe to say that Keith has figured it out and learned how to use that
knowledge. A single listen to his CD or going out and seeing him perform
live is enough to get you hooked. One minute you're standing still and
then…your foot is tapping, your body is swaying, your head is nodding…but
most of all, a smile is on your face.

With his sophomore effort,
Searching For Signal, all the hooks are all still present,
but some songs have taken a new musical direction. "I knew I wanted
to experiment with different styles and instrumentation very early in
the songwriting stage for this project. I needed to explore a little
more, dig a little deeper. I did not feel the need to recreate my previous

The perfect next step, Searching For Signal is set for release on Jan
10, 2007 on Kool Kat Records.

Keith has performed at several conferences and festivals, and also
has had songs used by major television networks, such as CBS, MTV, VH1,
CMT, E!, and The Discovery Channel. Additionally, he has composed music
for companies such as Philips Lighting and has performed on CD's with
various national artists.

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