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Kaz Official Artist
Kaz Official Artist

California, United States

Pop / Rock

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KAZ… A unique Pop Rock Singer/Songwriter, with today’s Superstar personality, mind-blowing original music,
and worldwide appeal

“KING OF THE WORLD” March 2008!!!

All 15 original songs written by KAZ and Produced by KAZ and by DEMETRIC COLLINS. All Songs mixed by industry icon engineer BILL SCHNEE. Industry professionals confirm that this album has serious hit potential. The songs appeal to both U.S. and International audiences of all ages.

KAZ has assembled an elite group of well-known, professional musicians. All musicians performing on the “KING OF THE WORLD” CD, and KAZ touring band members, have either toured or performed with many major label artists, including: Prince – Seal – Alicia Keys – Lenny Kravitz - Jessica Simpson - Kenny Loggins - Whitney Houston - Stevie Wonder – & Dave Koz, just to name a few.

The first single "GRIM REAPER" which was released for sale in September of 2007 is still reseaive heavy and growing airplay worldwide! Available for download here and on most web stores including all iTunes stores. (NEW SINGLE: “GRIM REAPER” Perfect song for Halloween, but more than just a Halloween song.)

Other Singles Now available: "GAVE IT AWAY" "DO YOU WAN'T IT" & "MiSSING YOU"

Visit to hear songs from the new album.

"KING OF THE WORLD" CD & Tour 2008 Band Members: DRUMS: Demetric Collins / KEYS: Donn Wyatt, Eddie "Killer" Miller / LEAD AND RHYTHM GUITARS: Darrell Crooks, Dave Murdy, Daryl Grone / BASS GUITARS: Del Atkins, Kevin Wyatt


KAZ is dynamic, explosive, and romantically creative. This singer songwriter / producer captivates an expansive audience. His diversity and talents are a hit with Rock/Pop fans around the world. Kaz is on "FIRE!"

KAZ released his debut, self-titled CD in 2000. Filled with upbeat, contemporary pop rock tunes and an urban, dance, adult contemporary feel. All songs on the album were written and produced by Kaz, & Demetric Collins, whose repertoire of musical contributions includes Whitney Houston, Snoop Dog, Dave Koz and many others.

Kaz was born in Kingston Jamaica, and later moved to America as a young boy. He always had a passion for singing, saying, "I knew music was my destiny as soon as I could walk." He wrote his first song when he was 15, called "Wanna Be Your Man," which is one of the ten songs included on his first released album titled, KAZ.

Kaz is a prolific songwriter, with over 200 songs currently in his catalog, and offers his writing services to other artist/bands. "I love to have my songs covered by other artists. It gives me a sense of accomplishment," says KAZ. To date, Kaz has written and released over 50 tracks internationally.

• 2008 - New CD titled “King Of The World” offers 14 exciting all original Kaz songs. All songs are currently being mixed at Schnee Studios by Bill Schnee. First single scheduled to be released September 2007. Kaz World Tour to follow CD release.

• 2007 - New songs Released "Grim Reaper" & "Gave It Away" Singles from the 2008 King Of The World album.

• 2003 - 2004 Kaz wrote and produced 35 original songs within 4 individual albums for an adult contemporary band, The Uptown Maestros™. These CD's by The Uptown Maestros are available online. CD titles are: Follow The Sun / Jazz Me Forever / Through The Mist & Pour Mon Amour.

• 2001 Kaz released a 5 track CD which included a power club mix, and Euro dance versions of his hit song, "Wanna Be Your Man." CD titled, Wanna Be Your Man.

• 2000 Kaz released debut album titled, "KAZ"

•1990 Kaz release 5 song LP/cassette, titled "In My Castle"

KAZ offers accessible music with optimistic messages about love and dealing positively with life's challenges. His attitude is a refreshing change of pace amid so much cynicism and angst in music these days.

"I write all my songs from my heart and about real people or events. It is difficult for anyone to feel sad or depressed around me. People tell me they are rejuvenated after listening to my music. Even on my song "Grim Reaper", which will be on my next album scheduled for release in 07, the message and the story is a positive one. This is because I believe in love, peace, and happiness. I know that sounds sappy but it is the truth," Kaz.
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