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Kay T Direct
Kay T Direct

Gauteng, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / Spiritual

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Hiey My name is Katleho Rakhetsi also known as Kay T & Am 17(Turning 18) yeArs old From Pretoria, Soshaguve I was born in Vaal but grow up in Pretoria at the age of 10 lost my mom , So things happened & I had to go live with big brother ,that's when i moved to Pretoria
I started listening to music ,Hip-hop music but old school kinder hip-hop e.g 2puc NWA B.I.G etc ,So starting to realizing I could do the same ,First got inspired how this hip-hop stars got they're freedom through music.So I Believed music, Lived through music realizing You could actually tell a story through music , so I did music not because it was something everyone is doing right now, Because I learned that I could change somebody's life through music as I'm inspired All I want to do is inspire other's, make a difference & tell a story.

Contact 062 197 6800 /
Artist Name -Kay T Direct
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