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Katie Marie
Katie Marie

east lyme
Connecticut, United States

Contemporary Country / Teen Pop

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Hey Everyone! It's Katie Marie! Thank you for dropping by my page. Whether it's to leave a comment or just listen to my music I really appreciate it! =] you guys are so awesome! And, you mean the world to me! To let you know a little bit about me I'm 17 years old. I sing of course it's my first love, without it I don't know what'd I do. I also write my own lyrics for songs and I have recently co-wrote music for a song, which was an awesome experience! I do a lot of acting, in my school as well as outside of school, and I have been dancing since the age of 3. I'm very busy but I love to hang out with my friends, and family! I hope to hear from you all soon! Drop by anytime and let me know how you're doing!!! =D Or you can IM me on my new screen name that I made to be able to talk with you guys it's KatieMarieMusic
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