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Teen Pop / Teen Pop

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Former Intervid/Koja Records POP Music Recording Artist,Songwriter,Producer, from Vilnius,Lithuania.He has been writing,producing, and recording songs for over 9 years of his life. From 1995-1999, Lukas got signed to Kojo Records Group/Lithuania.For them,he recorded and released 1 single and 4 albums, and also been on several of there music compilation albums, which had sold a combined total of over 80,000+units within his hometown of Vilinius,
Lithuania.He had received 4,650+ spins on the commercial radio,having over 19,061+minutes worth of commercial radio airplay. He was showcased on TV Antenna Station-Channel 29 in his country, receiving much articles,press,and stories written on him by magazines and some newspapers. In 2002-2005,Lukas went on to get signed to InterVid Records/Lithuania. For them,he released 20 albums and been on 20 compilation albums, and 4 dvd's, while being with a group named,"Kastaneda". While with that group and record company, he had sold a combined total of over 1,000,000+ units within his country. He also received over 4,000+ spins
on the commercial radio, with over 19,000+ minutes of commercial radio airplay. He also
had starred in a movie.His group,"Kastaneda", was #4 on Radio Centras top 20 charts, also rated #47 in the top 100 artist overall music tracks on, also was #18 on SMS top
30 charts.There song,Dar Po 1 had came in
at #6 on Radio TAU 102.9 FM top 20 charts,
and #2 on Lietuvos 2005 top 40 charts.
They was #74 on the Radio Centras Top 100 Charts. His group,"Kastaneda", song,"Musu Fiestos",was on the Top 50 Song's overseas
in his country, and also was used in T-Mobile RingTones and Digital RingTones. Also his group,"Kastaneda",song,"Vakar Vakare",
made it on the 2002 Aasta Top 100 Charts. There song,"Dar PO 1 and Dar PO 2, been
added to the 02-21-06 88.1 FM Commercial Radio Playlist and is receiving top radio rotation.
"Kastaneda",song called,"Sombrero", came in at #16 on the M-1 Top 40 Charts, with such names as, 50 Cent, Pink, Nickleback, Beyonce Knowles, Madonna,Erique Iglesias and the Blackeyed Peas.He had also opened up in concert/toured with such names as,MC Hammer,The House Of Pain, Metallica, Cypris Hill, Sepultra,A Tribe Called Quest, Mc Sollar,Run DMC, The Smashing Pumpkins,Warren G. & Nate Dogg, Like Boy one Trickly,Masati Lemon Joy,Turboreanimacija Kvint, and many more names.His song,"Away", had been on,receiving regular rotation
for 12 weeks,and voted #4 on there top 40 charts. His hit single,"Take It Easy", has
been on the charts, and been downloaded over 116+ times by different FM Radio Station DJ's from Miami,FL., to London,
and came in at #54 on there top 150 charts,
and debuted at #6 on there top 22 charts,and had also sold over 8,000 street copies.His
press release been featured on PRWeb, and
been read by over 132,000+ people, and
1,200+ media outlets had picked up/printed
his story. Also, his song,"Take It Easy", is presently on the North West Dance Record
Pool in Seattle Washington,and jumped from
#54 to #26. His song ,"Take It Easy" came
in at #44 on The Resource Record Pool, in
Los Angeles, CA. His group,"Kastaneda", received over 7,500+ play's on
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