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Baton Rouge
Louisiana, United States

Rock / Alternative

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In 1998, Karver originated in Rayne, Louisiana, as a band called Hysteria. Since they were all younger, Hysteria started out playing at their local high school. They went their separate ways for the past three years to stabilize their futures, and their bass player left for Iraq. In October 2006, Hysteria renamed the band Karver, and began playing in bars around Baton Rouge and Lafayette areas.

Leif Meche, lead singer and guitarist, put together lyrics to original songs, while Blake Meche, vocals and drums, Jordan Bearb, guitarist, and Jace Galland, bass, helped out with the music of the songs. Karver practices weekly at a shed that was built for their original title Hysteria, located on Carver Street. Hence, their new name! As of now, Karver has been booking local shows to earn money to record an album. So while they are practicing weekly, and their shows are on weekends, Karver is working hard to rock on and do what they love to do!
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