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Georgia, United States

HipHop / Rap / Urban

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Kardier is an up and coming MC out of Atlanta by way of Mississippi, who has a natural knack for spitting rhymes. He lyrically blesses the mic with lyrics that provide a message that all can relate to. His music has been labeled as Reality Hip Hop, music consisting of real life stories and scenarios that paint pictures on the mind. Kardierís sound is a cross between Kanye West, Nas and Tupac with a hint of smooth R&B. With a natural talent for acting, he delivers a theatrical stage show when putting on a performance. Kardierís focus is to modernize Hip Hop music while delivering realistic lyrics with substance.

Through poverty and racial violence, Kardier managed to keep a straight head and work diligently towards making his dreams a reality. At the age of nine, Kardier experienced how cruel life can be with the death of his mother. He found that writing songs helped ease the pain he was experiencing from the loss. Years began to go by and the pain began to fade, but his love for song writing, along with performing, grew stronger. It eventually routed him to New York City, and then on to Atlanta to excel at his craft.

Kardier's debut album "Pictures", released under his own independent label Pittman & Hawkins Music Group and will be available at retail (ie. CD Baby, iTunes) on Tuesday April 29th, is clever and thought provoking. He created the album as if it were an audio photo album.

Kardier says, "A picture is worth a thousand words so I wanted every song on the album to tell a real story; explaining a picture in someoneís life. Whether itís a party or a heartfelt song, someone somewhere can take something positive from it. The title of the album comes from the many pictures in our lives that tell a tale of what once was, or could be".

Kardierís hard work, dedication and persistence has granted him access to have worked with the likes of Devante Swing (producer for R&B sensation Jodeci), Universal recording R&B Group-IMAJIN, Charlamagne (Producer/Crazy Cat Catalogue: Notorious B.I.G, Jermaine Dupri), and Oji Pierce (Ruff Endz, Montel Jordon, Dixie Chicks). He has also opened up for multi-platinum selling artists Destinys Child and Sean Paul during the BRE Music Conference in D.C.

Much like Picasso did for the art scene, Kardier is doing for Hip-Hop. Kardier uses his music as a canvas, and his words are the paint brush creating works of art that are sure to withstand the test of time.
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