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Kamaria Silver
Kamaria Silver

Virginia, United States

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Kamaria Leshay Silver, born 18 years ago to American parents in Nurnberg, Germany and raised in North Carolina, Panama, Georgia, Virginia, and Germany. Kamaria has dreamed of becoming a singer. Her career spotlight began at the early age of 2 when she was at the home of her grandmother. Kamaria’s singing talent was discovered that day while her uncle was playing the piano and she began singing along with his piano playing of the song Twinkle, Twinkle little star. By the time Kamaria was 7, she was already singing like a pro on stage at an event on Pope Air Force Base. Kamaria would go on to do cover songs of the group the Jets and and the late Tejano singer, Selena while she was in elementary school. At the age of 13 her first song was released in September 2003, titled On That Day In September. It was a song that featured 6 other young artist, which was a contribute to those who lost their life during the 911 attack. At age 14 Kamaria recorded her first album under the Dirt Cheap Label, titled, Kamaria. This album was not released due to financial problems with the label. Because Kamaria did so much performing while under the label it was making her popular with the Virginia music scene that she got approached by 3 other record labels. Actually, she declined all 3 offers which was a very bold move on her part and the part of her parents. Instead of signing with another label she would go on sing the National Anthem for the Richmond Riverdogs and the Richmond Renegades home games at the Richmond Coliseum. This exposure to the world of entertainment helped to inspire Kamaria to work on her own solo album project independently. Kamaria Just completed that album project and released it digitally on the internet in December 2007. She has been fortunate to open up for major recording artist such as Sean P with the Young Bloodz in June 2007 in Baumholder, Germany. Her singing career has extended from Centeral Virginia to Central Germany and now she is ready to reach a larger audience. In March 2008 she will be in Black Beat magazine. She is in the process of planning a 2008 summer tour, so if you are in the area watch out for Kamaria because she will be on somebody’s stage doing what she loves the best, singing
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