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K Medley
K Medley

New Orleans and Phil
Pennsylvania, United States

HipHop / Rap / Spiritual

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I go by BROKEN KEYS and Iíve been in love and involved with music since 4th grade. I was born and raised in the city of New Orleans. This upbringing has definitely had a major influence on my production and writing style. Listening to New Orleans bounce, Hip Hop, Brass, Jazz, New age, Mardi Gras, Indian, zydeco, and music abroad has shaped me into a every eclectic and versatile producer.

I am capable of composing Hip Hop, R&B, New Age, Alternative, Soundtrack, Bounce, and Indian composition. With that being said, my niche and style is to combine every style of music that I know and am aware of into one composition to create music that is very unique, original, and different. For this fact, I donít compare my self to any Composer/Producer in the industry thatís out. I feel like I stand in a box all by my self as far as music goes. My goal is create music from the heart and soul and to be a trend setter.

I have received grave response for this new sound that I'm pumping into the industry. My album SOUNDS OF THE 504, which is an instrumental representation of New Orleans, is creating a Heavy buzz on I-tunes and Jango online radio. I've also managed to push 5000 units independently via word of mouth promotion.

I'm also a full fledged Underground Hip hop producer and songwriter. I am capable of producing and writing music for any Hip Hop Lyricist of any genre. Commercial, Hardcore, Conscious, and Gangster song writing and production is some of the few styles of music that I specialize in. I'm also creating a heavy buzz pushing various RE-MIX TAPES.

So, whether it's Hip Hop, Alternative, New Age, New Orleans Bounce, Soundtrack, or spiritual music, etc. I feel I have the experience and ability to take on any musical challenge.
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