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Dutty Water
#3 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Dutty Water
Reggae Mania
Length: 4:59
On Network Since Feb 22, 2007
Fun Time
#15 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Fun Time
Reggae Mania
Length: 3:28
On Network Since Feb 22, 2007
K-Gi Scarlett
SongVault Certified Artist K-Gi Scarlett

Ontario, Canada

Reggae / Adult Contemporary

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The composer, K-Gi, (pronounced: kay-gee), has been entertaining for some time now aboard Cruise ships during the winter months. The rest of the time he spends honing the art of writing songs. He claims that there are two types of compositions: One that’s from the head (Father) and the other that’s from the heart (Mother).

He primarily plays the guitar and sings with the SPLASCH band. At other times he may be found buffing in a gymnasium.

When he heard the song “Classical Gas” by Mason Williams in 1969, he convinced himself that he could do that, even though he never played before or even owned a guitar! He did eventually began the journey of self-teaching, a process that is still continuing.

K-Gi has been writing for over 30 years. Family and responsibilities took over his life in the early 80’s, leaving music on the back burner for some time. In the 90’s music and song writing once again took hold of K-Gi, leading him to concentrate on writing, fine-tuning, recording and producing the songs which where always there.

He is Canadian.

He has a son and a daughter who are artists in their own rights. His son, Yonge C., is a rapper, his daughter Shaleeka a dancer.

He has been encouraged and urged by friends to share his creations. This project represents the tip of K-Gi’s musical iceberg.
He feels that a good marriage between words and music (prosody) can if only briefly, uplift the human spirit and give it wings to fly. Yet, as important as music is to him, he envisions it as ‘just a slice of bread on the table of life’. Though somewhat of an introvert, K-Gi’s altruistic nature immediately surfaces when engaged in lively discussions. No one will truly be safe, well-off and at peace until ALL are! He believes that we are all connected to each other whether we know it or not; like it or not. In particular, he mentions how quickly we forget where we come from after we become successful; forget what it is like to be hungry once we are full; what it is means to be cold when we are warm. However once we are loved we never forget. It is therefore incumbent upon us all to do all that we can to spread love, peace, joy and compassion…and to contribute in the reduction of tragedies and sorrows globally.

It is K-Gi’s ambition that music will afford him the opportunity to make a difference…no matter how small. Drop by drop is the bucket filled. Though many are called, few are chosen. “If it were not so he would have told you!”

Please have a safe, efficient and an abundantly rewarding life!
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