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Josh Bush SA
Josh Bush SA

Limpopo, South Africa

HipHop / Rap / East Coast Rap

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BRYAN is an upcoming South African artist (Stage name: Josh Bush), basically originated from a small village called Schoonoord.He is the founder of Josh Bush SA Records in which he is an active producer, deejay and rapper independently employed.Josh Bush started his music journey at the age of 7yrs and proceeded to develop as an artist till the age of 16yrs, then he moved to Driekop in the year 2014 to persue his music career in faith of making it inthe industry as one of the independent artists of South Africa.He then formed a music group called "Mad Gang" which he later left for valid reasons and went solo to advance his music career.As time proceeded he then discovered his signature sound (Motswako Rap) and went on to produce underground hits such as Mother Fucker & Remember Your Parents which gothim highly noticed in his homeland and gained alot of exposure due to his songs that spoke about issues in his village in (2012).In 2013 Josh Bush faced challenges as an independent artist without any form of sponsorship to improve his production quality and maintain his earned fame, thats when Josh Bush dropped in terms of performance and became less productive but never lost hope.He was hated by his village for his explicit music which caused conflict in the village, enemies increased and Josh also tied up his security by Deciding to become a Fully changed artist in Jesus Christ .This transition affected his music standard because he had to sacrifice his fame and respect that he accumulatedby his offensive music in order to start a new life and route in the industry.Josh Bush (Jay Bee) is currently a student in Legare of his Proffessionalism in sound Technology which is developing his prodution skill to a Proffessional level. You can follow Josh Bush on facebook by going to his main account "Josh Bush SA" or email him at BryanMetsana@ or go to his fan page "Josh Bush SA"
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