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Jo's Garage
Jo's Garage

KZN, South Africa

Rock / Soft Rock

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Band was formed in 2008, more of a fun project than anything else. 4 people obsessed with music just having fun. We rehearse in Jolene Holland garage. Jolene's friends all call her Jo, hence Jo's Garage literally and figurative.

Jolene was discovered singing in the shower.

Riaz was a folk club of Durban addict.

Justin has been a member of many a band in his lifetime. He has played with Stoned Hinge (A pretty good hard rock outfit 1995) to Salty Dog (Gordon Jackson and the boys), WIlls Blues Band, 5 Leaves Left and Bobby and the Dynamites.

Ian has also come from a few bands and we are honoured to have him Jam with us.

The bands focus is middle of the road rock crossed with the vibrant rhythms of Africa. The demos below were recorded in Jo's Garage one hot March evening . Drop us a line and tell us what you think.... Enjoy.....
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