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Open Up Wide
#67 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Open Up Wide
Length: 4:06
On Network Since Feb 3, 2009
Crying For Peace
#68 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Crying For Peace
The Power of Music Prerelease
Length: 3:33
On Network Since Feb 4, 2009
Rise and Shine
#69 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Rise and Shine
The Power of Music Pre-Release
Length: 3:35
On Network Since Feb 4, 2009
Jon Bone
SongVault Certified Artist Jon Bone

B.C., Canada

Reggae / Funk

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" . . . The Karuna Movement . . hottest new band on the west coast!" - CHLY 101.7



The Karuna Movement is a Jam band laying down a mix of reggae, funk, and world grooves and coloring them with catchy melodies and deep lyrical content.We groove on a nice balance of tunes with free form, improvized jams. We're all heart. When you join us, come ready to dance!!!

Karuna means compassion. Music is medicine. Music helps to heal the world of it's miseries by inspiring people to set down their worries, even for a short time, and be present with the vibrations emanating from the musicians. Music inspires people to dance and awaken to the reality of the sensations in their bodies; The sensations that can only be now. No past regrets or sorrows. No future desires. The pureness of the present within music of this moment. Music communicates a message and in our case, the message of awakening to the reality of this moment. To accept and enjoy it and to celebrate life through song dance. To live with a sharp and focused mind and the conscious intention to be of benefit. To walk in wisdom. . .

The Karuna Movement has been moving for centuries. It's the mission to bring the qualities of respect, kindness, wisdom and compassion into our lives and communities. This particular musical manifestation is lead by Jon Bone(writer, lead vocalist, guitarist, and producer) and is supported by a band with hundreds of shows combined experience. Jon puts his heart into every performance and says he feels each one is an opportunity to connect with the community. Each musician involved in this Movement (from Vancouver Island to the Carribean Islands) have picked charities that resonate with them. To start, 10% of The Karuna Movement's profits are donated to this cluster of charities. "The Karuna Movement is a challenge!" said Jon Bone in an interview with DJ Shadan of VON Radio 895 AM in the Caribbean. "We offer our music, our hearts and our lives. How can you contribute to your community?"


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