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Johnny Badlaw
Johnny Badlaw

Illinois, United States


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I have no formulas for my music I just put it down and if it sounds good I go with it. I first started playing guitar when I was about 5 or 6 years old... my uncle left his guitar during a visit and it didn't take to long for me to pick it up and start playing. By Junior High I started writing songs and no matter how I tried they always came out a little country...maybe that was because of my father's influence. I joined the Air Force and was stationed in Biloxi MS. That's when I discovered the Delta Blues...Robert Johnson and the legend of Highway 61. Over the years I played Rock, Metal and Rock... I went on to college and landed a good job but in the past few years I have become disillusioned with Corporate America I decided to really focus on my music and to be true to myself. There are so many incredible musicians out it is a real honor having you stop Facebook and checking out my music!
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