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Jody Pyles
Jody Pyles

Virginia, United States


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Hailing from Radford Virginia, Jody Pyles brings his Country flavor from a pure and heartfelt sensibility. His background based with faith and strong values has given Jody the outlook on life that is represented clearly in his music. Whether itís the driving guitar melody of Dirt Track Man or the personality infused melody of My Best Friend, Jody Pyles brings you a message that while reaching a vast audience also rings true on a personal level. Jodyís music will get you to stomp your feet, clap, and shake it, with a smile, smirk and a breath of fresh air.
Having toured around the country playing music and doing faith based visits, Jody has established a very strong dedicated following. His messages being very true began to take shape during his days as a student at Appalachian State University where he studied Psychology and Criminal Justice. Jody spent some time working as a North Carolina Police Officer, and now as a full time country singer, his dedication to helping others is intact as he goes on faith based missions around the world as far reaching as China or as close as his own backyard.
Donít miss the chance to see Jody live. His performances are getting known as must see and hear. Having recently opened for Martina McBride and others it wonít be long until he gets to your town. His Debut self titled EP, available everywhere, is definitely one to add to your collection.
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