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Minnesota, United States

Rhythm & Blues / Adult Contemporary

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J. MOST has stepped into the R&B scene with both feet forward and a breakthrough sound that’s topping area playlists. This singer/songwriter’s smooth, vibing style brings true-to-the-core R&B lovers and Steppers to the dance floor – picking up the pace more than ever before. His provocative mix of finger-snapping beats and tight lyrics cause radio listeners to lock in their dials to hear J. MOST's new single, "READY TO DO THIS".

J. MOST’s EP single, “READY TO DO THIS” was originally released in Milwaukee and Minneapolis-St. Paul in August 2007 and immediately became a hit among the adult-contemporary soul genre and the Steppers community of the Mid-West.

“READY TO DO THIS” is in rotation in these major markets (night clubs and other venues): Chicago, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Jackson, Dayton, Houston, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Wilmington Delaware, Tallahassee, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Bronx, DC-Maryland Area, Raleigh, Charlotte, Columbia and continually adding new markets.

J. MOST's single, “READY TO DO THIS” is in heavy rotation on the following airwaves:

  • 89.9 FM Radio KMOJ - Twin Cities, MN
  • WRNB Black Music America, 24-hour Comcast Music Station - Twin Cities, MN & Long Beach, CA
  • KCEP Power 88.1 FM – Las Vegas, Nevada
  • WMSE 91.7 FM – Milwaukee, WI
  • WKKC 89.3 FM - Chicago, IL
  • WCRX 88.1 FM - Chicago, IL
  • WHPK 88.5 FM - Chicago, IL
  • Whispers in the Dark, Online Radio (Live365) – Jersey City, NJ
  • WMPR 90.1 FM – Jackson, MS
  • Galaxy Radio, Online Radio (Live365) - Dayton, OH
  • Groove Suite, Online Radio (Live365) - San Francisco, CA
  • Club 24/7, Online Radio (Live365) - Buffalo, NY
  • Radio Now, Online Radio (Live365) - Katy, TX
  • Diamond Princess Jamz, Online Radio (Live365) – Pittsburgh, PA
  • Radio Revolution, Online Radio (Live365) – Wilmington, DE
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