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Townes' Blues
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Townes' Blues
I'm Alive
Alternative Country
Length: 5:42
On Network Since Mar 19, 2007
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I'm Alive
Alternative Country
Length: 3:31
On Network Since Mar 19, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Jinder

Dorset, United Kingdom

Alternative Country / Alternative Folk

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Jinder is a travelling singer/songwriter and storyteller. Although just 25 years old, Jinder is familiar with stages all over the world, notably having played throughout Europe and the USA as well as having toured the UK relentlessly over the last six years.

Formerly the frontman and founder of alt.rock troupe Candlefire, best known for their 2002 chart single "Sorrow Spreads Its Wings", released on acclaimed indie One Little Indian, Jinder parted company amicably with the band in 2003 to pursue a more roots-based direction.

Following his departure from Candlefire, Jinder teamed up creatively with his good friend and fellow singer/songwriter Olas to write and record the critically acclaimed 2004 duo album "The Best Of Days Ahead", released on FrontSide Records in April of that year, and trailered by the single "Something", which was a success at radio and scored the duo a minor hit.

After 9 great collaborative months of touring, writing, and earnestly endeavouring to rid the world of all supplies of Jamesons' Whiskey, Olas & Jinder went their separate ways in July of 2004 to pursue solo work, Olas forming chillout fusion group Astro0 (pronounced Astronaut), who have gone on since to sell upwards of 20,000 records (you can hear them at, and Jinder re-entered the studio to begin sessions for what would, 9 months later, emerge as lauded debut album "Willow Park".

In the ensuing months, Jinder toured extensively, supporting lauded acts including Martin Grech, Jackie Leven, Hazel O'Connor and more, and began to re-establish himself as a credible, heart-on-sleeve, rootsy solo artist with an ever-expanding catalogue of melancholy, expressive and honest songs. Acclaim poured in from press and online publications, but Jinder was, at this point, still without a solo recording deal.

However, a chance meeting at a Jinder show at London's Troubadour Club with Folkwit Records founder Nick Butcher yielded a meeting of minds, and was the beginning of a friendship and collboration which has gone from strength to strength in the last two years. In July 2005, Folkwit Records released Jinder's debut solo album "Willow Park", a record which built expertly on the interest and acclaim that the previous year's touring had piqued, and was lavished with praise from critics throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

More touring followed in 2005, including several memorable festival appearances, and a total of 174 live shows throughout the year. Come the winter, Jinder took a break from the road, and began to write the followup to "Willow Park". The songs came quickly, from the rootsy storytelling of "Hill Country" and "Hazel County", the good-time rave-ups of "Life" and "Shake Me", to the heartstained, autobiographical balladry of "Train In Your Voice" and "Cicadas Cafe", and it was soon evident that the groundwork had been laid for a second album that not only neatly trumped "Willow Park" in an artistic sense, but also provided the previously unthinkable-a clutch, amongst the melancholia, of Jinder songs that could, concievably, be danced to! What a shocker.

Jinder put together a stunning band of players, including Sam Blincoe of Black Bart, Simon Crabb of Breakneck Creek, Melvin Duffy of Robbie Williams' band and more, and entered Room With A View studios in Dorset to commence sessions for the album. Re-uniting with long-time accomplice and former Candlefire producer Stephen Darrell Smith, over the ensuing month or two of sessions, second album "I'm Alive" was born.

An instant hit with all of those who have heard it, "I'm Alive" is available now from all good online retailers and record stores in Europe, and at selected stores in the USA.

Jinder is currently still battering the highways of the UK and Europe with a vengeance, and is to set out on an extensive UK tour in 2007.
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