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Jim Yackel
Jim Yackel

New York, United States

Christian Pop / Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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  • The song Ashley reached #1 on the Top 100 chart in July 2009
  • The song Death Is Gone For Good reached #1 on the Christian Pop chart in July 2009.

Jim Yackel came to the cross and gave his life to the Lord Jesus Christ in 2000. Circa 2005, the Holy Spirit prompted him to
become active again in music, which led to the 2007 release of his first Christian-Rock CD, titled AGAPE'. The
influence of the Beatles can be heard in the melodies and chord changes, but the lyrics speak of Jesus, His free gift of
salvation, and His soon return--Maranatha!

The road Jim Yackel took to the cross was a long and winding one...

Yackel began playing nightclubs on the "Thruway Circuit" in upstate New York in 1980. The bands and
the personnel were in a constant state of flux; however Jim's writing style was constant--Beatles influenced pop-rock.

After years of pursuing the elusive recording contract, Yackel and his band Groovetown Fire Department independently
released a CD in 1994. GFD did not last long after its lone recording venture, which prompted Yackel to go solo and release
a cassette-only album titled "Petition" in 1996. In 1998, Jim Yackel retired from making music. He believed that his exodus
from music was permanent. What he knows now and didn't know then was that the "retirement" period was but a temporary
one--a change of season and a time for restoration, which would lead to being born again through Christ Jesus. Jesus gave
him life everlasting and a new purpose in music making.

Recommended if you like the music of The Beatles, Mercy Me, Cheap Trick, Elvis Costello, Supertramp, and more.
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