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Jim Brobeck
Jim Brobeck

California, United States

Singer/Songwriter / Acoustic Blues

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Jim has been playing music since he picked up a pair of his Dad's bongos in 1955. Jim's parents courted while playing duets on clarinets. Jim adopted the unused woodwinds and jammed with friends who played guitar. As a freight train hopping teenager he spent time blowing a harmonica. While in College Jim found out about open-tuned lap guitars. Now he plays a couple of Daniel Brauchli hollowneck guitars and a Celtic Cross baritone as well as an electric Chandler lap steel. Jim plays solo gigs in California and Hawaii. His main band project is with Localworld, an eclectic quartet that includes steel drums, harmony vocals and electric instrumentation. Jim is a sideman in several bands including Kozmic Kev and the Asteroids Wake Up Whirled Mud Creek Kenny and the Stumpjumpers. More music available at:
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