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jim blachura
jim blachura

winston salem
North Carolina, United States

Alternative / Christian Country

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40 years ago I had some of my hymns published by Folk Mass and Modern Liturgy Magazine. Since then I have wanted to create songs for established artists to perform and record. Right now I need exposure for my material.

When I was 22 a young lawyer took one of my songs and put it on the B' side of his recording of Ave Maria. He invited me to watch the recording session at Criteria in Miami, Florida. Since that moment all I have ever wanted was to have my music recorded by professional musicians and sung by established artists.

My influences range from the pop music world of the last 45 years to the TV advertising jingles of today as well as the Book of Psalms from the Old Testament of the Bible. All my songs are in the contemporary Christian/Country style of pop music.

As a young disc jockey in the late seventies, my attitude toward Christian music was heavily influenced by Christian artist Evie Tornquist-Karlsson. Her albums made me realize that Christian music didn't have to be dry or old-fashioned sounding. She was vibrant and alive in her stylization but most of all she sounded happy. That is what gave me the idea to bring all the worldly influences into my music so that you would be able to literally swim in the ocean of sounds and also feel connected to the heavens at the same time.

I have also over the years written a number of pop/rock songs alone and with my son, Alex. These are collected on a CD called Quick and the Dead under the artist name "Buzzard Bay Road". These are the songs that appear at the top of the playlist...I hope you enjoy them!

I have had interest in my music expressed by Abbey Road Music, now Vision Music Group in Nashville. Angie Chaney helped send about 40 demo discs to publishing houses in the country. Bulldog Evans, a gospel artist and president of Black Rose Productions Inc. in New York also has auditioned all my material. Don Reed of Affinity Productions in Nashville had very positive comments when I contacted him for the expressed purpose of plugging my material to publishers and Jim and Joe Inc. also in Nashville felt that I was headed in the right direction for the immediate future in securing a publishing deal.

This of course is a long range goal and a very difficult task for someone who does not perform. But I believe the home demo recordings which I make give a really very good idea of how the songs should be done.

Contact Info: Jim Blachura C/O Stablesongs 3722 Reynolda Road Winston Salem NC 27106 Phone: 336 995 0813 E Mail: Saintly Man Music Publishing...Member ASCAP
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