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Jeanette Holsbroeck
Jeanette Holsbroeck

Texas City
Delaware, United States


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Isnt a physical exam needed to determine if you would benefit from these medications? If you have had a physical exam recently and consider yourself healthy, you do not necessarily require another physical exam in order for you to obtain the medications we offer. Thousands of psychiatrists and general practitioners throughout the US are prescribing certain medications after only reviewing the patientח—´ medical history, without a physical exam. The medical factors that would prohibit a physician from prescribing these medications are discoverable through a review of the patient`s medical history. There is no reason to suggest that an in-person review of this history is any more relevant than an online consultation.

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Enjoy complete privacy, discretion, and dignity while addressing your condition.
Play an active role and participate more fully in your own process of care.
Enjoy your health care in an enlightened manner and maintain better health.
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More and more individuals have become weary of the medical profession`s attitude toward patient care. Patients are often left with little or no choice as to their course of treatment or what medications they are permitted to take.

The Https:// physicians are dedicated to helping you make your own medical decisions. We are here to provide you with the professional consultation you need to decide which plan of care is right for you. You are a partner with us in the medical decision-making process.The Internet has revolutionized a patient`s ability to research his/her own health problems and independently discover the available options of treatment. We encourage you to review all medication information before making a decision to submit a consultation form to our physicians.

Many patients prefer the anonymity of an online consultation as opposed to a conversation with one`s personal physician. The patient is benefited by technology. Although computers are often dismissed as dehumanizing, their use in online consultations greatly eases the patients` anxiety about discussing their medical conditions.

It is not our position that the Internet could ever replace the importance of seeing your doctor regularly, in person. It is important that you seriously consider a full physical exam specifically to evaluate possible causes for your problem. The issuance of medication does not replace the need for a physical exam.
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