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Jay Curtis
Jay Curtis

Lexington Park
Maryland, United States

Urban / Pop

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A thin, tenor-voiced singer steps to his studio mic in preparation to croon the lyrics "Didn't I say that I was gonna be back/ With a special treat...". That R&B vocalist is Jay Curtis, whom was born and raised in the southern part of Maryland. What he's about to sing is his well noted, Delfonics sampled track titled "Didn't I". "R&B soul upgraded!" says one reviewer from Little did he know, the song would move it's way to the airwaves of United Kingdom, Canada and Internet stations in the United States. Thanks to his precise lyrics and the amazing production of producer Lupah.

Jay has grown from a mildly musical family, which means there is no background of notable singers or entertainers in his family. There is talent, but none chased the dream of having a musical career. Very quickly Jay picked up a pen and paper writing poetry and stories. It wasn't until his preteens where Jay found music as his therapy, a way of coping with any issues or situations. He grew to admire artists such as Tina Turner, Smokey Robinson, Percy Sledge, Whitney Houston and Leo Sayer. Those artists help develop the vocalist he is today.

With music to embrace his generation and a vigourous goal to succeed Jay is sure to live out his dreams even if it takes one track at a time.

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