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Jason Ring
Jason Ring

Virginia, United States

Americana / Acoustic Blues

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"If this guy keeps it up, they could be talking about him decades from now like they talk about Bill Monroe today." Mark Waterbury (Music Morsels)


Jason Ring - vocals, guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass, banjo

As a one man show, Jason also impresses with the use of a loop station for part of the performance. With all his instruments at hand, those "flaming fingers" enable his style and demeanor to be unmatched.


From his birth in Galax, Virginia in the shadow of the world-famous Galax Fiddler's Convention to his love and mastery of the Delta Blues and everything in between, Jason is a must-see artist.

His music is a 25 year stew still in the brew. At the age of 5, by the instruction of his family, Jason started playing bluegrass and piedmont blues. Over time jazz, ragtime, and gypsy swing made it's way through his music. While skillfully being able to play almost any stringed instrument, he's also savvy enough to throw down on a smooth skat including his impressive "mouth trumpet."

Now this multi-faceted artist has recorded his latest CD, Patchwork, which powerfully displays not only his skills as a musician but also demonstrates his passionate energy and love of traditional roots music with a spin.

Jason's drive and inability to be satisfied musically guarantee that each performance can only become more intricate and more captivating.

JASON RING: PatchworkBuy the CD
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