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All Songs Dream Journey
Little Bit of Love
#104 in Christian SongVault Certified
Little Bit of Love
Dream Journey
Christian Country
Length: 3:43
On Network Since Jan 5, 2010
#154 in Folk SongVault Certified
Dream Journey
Contemporary Folk
Length: 4:10
On Network Since Jan 5, 2010
Jason Lawrence
SongVault Certified Artist Jason Lawrence

Kentucky, United States

Country Blues / Contemporary Gospel

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I was raised in Virginia & Maryland around Washington D.C. My mother's family originates in rural eastern Kentucky where I was born. We can trace our ancestry back 200 years to the first Americans, both English & Native American originating with Pocahontas & the Bowling's family of Virginia. However, my father's parents emigrated from Sicily. My father died when I was 5. At age 7 a Hensley from Shenandoah Valley Virginia married my mother & became my stepfather. One of 11 brothers (all accomplished musicians) & first cousins to the late Country Singer Megastar, Patsy Cline, he raised me in an atmosphere of “live music” rocking Grandma’s house every weekend! My childhood memories are filled with family entertainment. Country, Bluegrass, & Rock & Roll was as natural as Grandma’s Apple Pie! As a teenager I hit the road with mixed emotions about the world around me. I saw music as a vehicle to awaken the consciousness of its listener. Although my perspective has broadened with a deeper more spiritual significance, singing of hope, comfort, & reassurance & awakening the heart with a few strums from my guitar continues to be my goal. Although life is full of trauma & tragedy, I believe musical expression is one valuable gift worth sharing.
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