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Jason Cudmore
Jason Cudmore

PEI, Canada


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Take a listen to Jason Cudmore . Let him know what you think .Comments make music .Jason has been playing for many years and in many bands from metal , hard rock .Jason always had a lighter side to his music . So finally he sat down to start writing for his up coming cd . Music has always been in Jasons family .He picked up a guitar when he was 11 and never put it down . Music is in his soul ,it makes him live . Imagine life without music .Some people wouldn't be around . Music saves lifes ,makes people happy and sad . Makes us dance ,makes us work .Makes us bang our head . This album Jason is working on is going to be a mix of different styles of music .Jason listed to everything growing up . Growing up as a young man listening to dads records and some 8 tracks . Elvis ,Rolling Stones ,Beach Boys , ABBA , Chuck Berry ,Kiss . Then he got into Motley Crue ,ACDC, Iron Madien , Bon Jovi ,Metallica ,Pearl Jam , Sound Garden ,Collective Soul ,ZZ Top,Whitesnke and so on . So time will tell what Jason will write . He is going to write as many songs as he can .Record them and pick the best ones for the album . You can help him pick if you want . Just drop him a message .After we pick the best ones .He will go in the studio and record them. Hope you enjoy .Keep on rockin ...
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