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James Ciphurphace
James Ciphurphace

Arizona, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Do you truthfully promise to be brutally honest? If this question were directed to James Ciphurphace, the response would be an emphatic..."Yes!" Rising from the Segregated Lands Under Mountains and Sun where the scorpions and Gila monsters dwell, a subterranean revolutionary was born. Located between the East and West coast in the desert terra firma of Tucson, Arizona, James Ciphurphace represents the 13th & 3rd letter element with the devotion of a respected Hip-Hop pioneer and the hunger of an underground rhyme warlord. He labels himself as a W.R.I.T.E.R. (Working Realist Illustrating The Everyday Rituals). "If my music had to be classified, it would fall in a category called 100% pure hip-hop laced with raw energy and life," James says with heartfelt conviction.

Imagine Confucius and Shakespeare in the recording booth reciting ill 16's after consuming four Red Bulls.

"With no sort of gimmicks-I pour the lyrics - murder the whole cipher & leave it haunted with morbid spirits - don't support the critics - who show love for artists who distort their image - pawns of the corporate business" -- World Underground: My Humble Abode (Antique Skies)

"I'm sick of the ignorance - I'm sick of the negligence - It's time we bring it back to the roots and the elements - I've been Ciphurphace from the start makin' my mark - while other emcees keep frontin' - I come straight from the heart" -- Factory Is Open: Just Over Broke (An Honest Day's Work)

So, who is this 13th & 3rd letter? What is the method to James Ciphurphace's madness? What is his modus operandi?...Coexisting in an industry plagued with champagne guzzlers and ice worshippers, this diligent wordsmith is a breath of fresh air, bringing genuine rhymes and originality to the spectrum of Hip-Hop music. James is the quintessential emcee who can infiltrate your soul with a combination of intense flows and spectacular vernacular. His amazing talent to manipulate the English language and transform words into verbal killing machines as well as spoken elixirs sets this Hip-Hop purveyor of scrolls apart from the countless mediocre emcees who have contaminated this industry with redundancy & worthless rhetoric.
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