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All Songs Revolucion Prohibida
Tratando de ver
#23 in Reggae SongVault Certified
Tratando de ver
Revolucion Prohibida
Rock Steady
Length: 4:23
On Network Since Jul 6, 2007
SongVault Certified Artist Jahmila

lazio, Italy

Rock Steady / Cumbia

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100% Jahmila roots latino-style comes about as a group for researching and discovering popular music of all continents, of differing forms of expression carved and remodelled from course of centuries, above all the ventennial post-colonial era, where people and ideas lived in contrast between development and progress, dear to Pasolini. Jahmila’s show lives through non-stop innovation of their songs, their rhythyms, their melodies, through a dynamic pulse of energy centered on the vocal and visual presence of their two singers, the Spanish Ana Carril Obiols and the Argentine Alfredo Gomez Cadret, counterposed by a “roman” group composing of individuals of all regions of Italy, that conducts the melodies for all possible territories. During the concerts, whether the song is sung in Spanish, English or Italian, or that the rhythym is reggae, roots, flamenco, rock, cumbia or popular song, that it is heard at a club, a theatre, a town square or at a social club the fusion of the crowds is total, they are brought to another level while they dance to the music, reflectinf on our vibes that offer a kineticpulse of energy through visuals at times sweet, at other times wild, a bit like Rome…
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