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All Songs Solar D Production Presents : Jack Fan
Yi Cun Yi Cun Jian
#23 in International SongVault Certified
Yi Cun Yi Cun Jian
Solar D Production Presents : Jack Fan
Length: 4:34
On Network Since Apr 26, 2008
Jack Fan
SongVault Certified Artist Jack Fan

Singapore, United Kingdom

Folk Rock / Singer/Songwriter

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My name is * Jack Fan *

After a few years working as a sound engineer, i decided to concentrate on my true love: Music.

After purchasing my first computer back during the early 90's , i became hooked on computer music. i spent countless hours making rudimentary compositions with even more rudimentary software. Of course technology has improved quite a bit since then, and my compositional technique has improved as well. thanks to the work of engineers all over the world, computer music has become easy enough for children to make, and professionals have benefited from the vastly improved ease of use and palette of musical sound of music software and hardware.

I spent a great deal of time researching on musical instruments and equipments and give consultations to people who needs help with setting up a music addition, i have spent a huge portion of my free time making music. please have a listen to my compositions. i hope you enjoy !!

Warmest Regards,

♥ Jack Fan
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