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Arkansas, United States

Rhythm & Blues / HipHop / Rap

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PRESS RELEASE: Wright Entertainment "PRESENTS" New Artist " J WRIGHT" Which have a single released, title " Let Me Ride" and planning to release an album title MY SOUL.The artist "J WRIGHT" song "Let Me Ride" landed 2 in the top ten and the other three weeks it landed in the top ten chart, at, Commercial FREE-Internet "Worldwide" Radio/ Hip-Hop and R & B,24 Hour Request Line.BMI - Registration # for "Let Me Ride" is : 010202051. !! J WRIGHT song "Let Me Ride is also featured on the "MUSIC HUSTLE" 3RD EDITION complation cd,featuring other artist like LIL WAYNE,TOO SHORT,YING YANG TWINZ,T-LOC THE BOSS and many more to be release soon.To get "Let Me Ride" RINGTONE, for .99 Text 2JWRIGHT to 69937 . Bio: of James Wright Jr. is a unique R&B Soul singer who started at the age of 5 years old by singing in the Church Choir. Throughout the years he has performed with many different choirs and gospel groups all over the south. Not only can this man sing but he also has a great acting ability too. He has already had some spot in a movie and would someday like to build on that talent as well. He thinks that it is time to take the youth of the world on his journey of his R&B Heart & Soul. For the adults/old school, he will take them way back and bring them forward on his journey of his R&B & Soul. As a youth growing up in the ghetto South Arkansas going through so many things (adolessons) and listening to music like the blues, R&B, Soul, & gospel of course growing up in the house with a preacher. The youth will enjoy the style and fashion, from a Thug looking, smooth talking, easy going, ghetto sweet guy leading them through his Journey, but coming from the Heart & Soul. This guy has the potential to be a money making machine with all of the talent that he posesses. He is very determined to become a viable source in the music/entertainment industry.
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