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J.Lane't Music
J.Lane't Music

California, United States

Gospel / Christian

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Incredible singer/songwriter J.Lane’t is a native of Sacramento, California who has been making gospel music since she was two years old. J.Lane’t is said to be one of the most promising gospel music artist in Northern California. She mixes soul and gospel to make her music original and refreshing. The real magic of J.Lane‘t comes from her inviting lyrics and notes that truly captures you in the moment. J.Lane't’s Gospel, classical, and opera background has truly made her who she is today and captures the essence of her musical style.

With a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Christian Ministries, she feels that God is the reason she sings and shares the good news.At last, after developing her unique sound, she is now preparing to release her debut album, ‘Anointed and Blessed’, which underlies the changes that J.Lane’t has gone through over the years and has helped her to develop as a person, minister, teacher, and most importantly the artist J.Lane’t.

The album features J.Lane’t on vocals and the artist Floyd on guitar. J.Lane’t’s website can be found at, which  provides videos of her performances, photos and the opportunity to get more information on J.Lane’t and the her new ventures.
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