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Ivory Tower Project
Ivory Tower Project

Howard Beach
New York, United States

Rock & Roll / Adult Contemporary

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Ivory Tower Project is a new breed of 'old school' rockers. Music for those who like Classic Rock and Power Pop. If you like the music from the Classic Pop/Rock groups from the 70's and 80's - you will probably like Ivory Tower Project.

Ivory Tower Project (also known as: ITP) was founded by NY songwriters: Johnny Jace and Mark Regula. NYC veteran guitarist: Tony Novarro was soon recruited, and Novarro and Regula formed the core of ITP. As band members left, they were replaced by the NY Metro area's finest studio musicians that transcended Ivory Tower from being a band into a studio Project.

ITP signed with Guerrilla Records and released a four-song EP entitled: "Red Hot"which has received rave reviews and air play on over 290 radio stations in 23 countries. ITP has received the Gold Artist Award in 2005 on Radio Gets Wild in England and charted #19 on the Top 30 Songs of 2006 on WCH Radio.
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