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Inner Surge
Inner Surge

Alberta, Canada

Heavy Metal / Alternative

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Inner Surge is a an aggressive, thought-provoking band from Canada. The band's music is crafted to reward music listeners who demand more than the mundane, watered down offerings of the modern music industry. Inner Surge has been described as "one of the best imports that Canada has to offer" by RWS Magazine. Reviewer Magazine calls them "the sound of the future." With an eclectic approach, the band fuses metal, rock, punk, hardcore and progressive influences. As opposed to conforming to the 'meathead' mentality of heavy music today, Inner Surge is focused on breaking those stereotypes down, and pushing boundaries, both lyrically and musically.

The band was formed in 2001 by Steve Moore, who wrote and recorded the debut album "Solus Verum". The next album "Matrika", was released independently in 2004. Space Junkies Magazine gave it 10+ out of 10, while Bands United described it as "Disturbingly fresh". Inner Surge's 3rd CD "Signals Screaming was released in 2006 via Cyclone Records. says "Signals Screaming is a battering-ram of an album that is impressive and powerful, both in sound and in message. The force of its lyrics is impossible to shut out."

Inner Surge was featured in the new book by Garry Sharpe-Young "New Wave of American Heavy Metal" alongside Dillinger Escape Plan, Mastodon, and Norma Jean. Additionally the band will be featured on the official movie soundtrack for the feature film "Cabras". The director, Fredy Polania, describes Inner Surge as "the next Rage against the Machine". Inner Surge's music will also appear on the soundtrack for the psychological thriller "Amok!", and the Paladin Pictures soundtrack for "Rebellion of Thought".

Inner Surge's music video for "Retribution Song" explores the band's political views and was partially inspired by the Zapatista's(EZLN), a group of Chiapas revolutionaries whom they are supporters of. The band's second music video for "Wolves" was directed by Shaun Friesen of Free Zen Design. The video focuses on art to send a political message, with the band taking a backseat. The subject matter of the song and video deals with the events leading to and during the 1994 Rwandan genocide. The video for "Wolves" can be downloaded at the "Wolves" official site at or

Inner Surge's newest album, "An Offering" is their most controversial and thought provoking thus far. Taking on religious crimes, holocaust revisionalism, genocidal militias, corrupt governments and corporations, indigenous rights, personal politics, and the decayed state of modern music, the band is determined to be heard. "An Offering" is set for release through Cyclone Records and Overthrow Promotions January 26, 2008.
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