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Inner State Productions
Inner State Productions

Missouri, United States

HipHop / Rap / Rock

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We work with undiscovered artists to help them showcase their talent. We have produced music from many different genres including: hip-hop, r&b/soul, rock/alternative, and electronica/experimental. We also create one of a kind beats and electro music.

It all started in a 8' x 10' room, Inner State Productions was born. Purely underground, things started out real basic. Though the equipment was low quality and mostly borrowed, we managed to create a one a kind sound. Now with time, devotion, and a little funding, ISP is growing in leaps and bounds.

Our first release was the "Mid-Westerner" album. We recorded it next to a busy interstate, but still were able to express our INNER STATE of mind. This is where the name Inner State Productions came to be known. The dream is still alive today as ISP continues to bring you new, original music.
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