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Indian Blood
Indian Blood

Florida, United States

Alternative / Blues

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Unique blend of inspired lyrics and blues mixed with alternative and some acoustic guitar work. Band's leader Jeffrey Thomas Blanchard has always remained defiant of mainstream fads and trends, sticking to his guns of blues, southern rock, and punk rock. Combination of outstanding engineering, recording, brilliant songwriting and a wide vocal range. Where Blanchard is from people come and go but he keeps on pushing. Latest addition to the band is Elona, (she does not use her last name), long time friend , girlfriend, ex-girlfriend of Blanchard’s for 25 years has satisfied Blanchard’s great desire to have a woman bass player, she has a resume and reputation that puts Blanchard’s to the test in all aspects of life. Nobody has an idea why Blanchard calls her “Elona the Iguana”. Her unseen input is starting to bloom. Some of their musical influences include Elmore James, Robin Trower, Alvin Lee, Rory Gallagher, and the Gun Club, X, Elvis Costello, Lou reed and David Bowie. They are currently finishing up their 5th release “Melchizedek Spiritual Oil” and rehearsing to play live shows, even sometimes some acoustic shows from jeffro and Elona. Check out one of jeffro's buddies from the Hobo days at
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