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All Songs Welcome To The School
First Pop
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First Pop
Welcome To The School
Hard Rock
Length: 4:25
On Network Since Jan 12, 2009
SongVault Certified Artist IMARi ToNES

Kanagawa, Japan

Hard Rock / Christian Pop / Rock

Listen to IMARi ToNES
IMARi ToNES is just a rockn'roll band.

A Rockn'Roll band from Japan.

But a band with a faith.

We believe in Rockn'Roll

We believe in Jesus

Because Jesus gave us Rockn'Roll

Jesus gave us freedom to play Rockn'Roll

We believe Jesus was the first Rockn'Roller in the world who invented freedom

We believe in new world.

We believe in new freedom in new world.

We believe in new concept of value in new world.

When Rockn'Roll business loses its meaning,

meaning of playing Rockn'Roll also changes.

We have to create our new freedom.

Destroying old form of freedom established long ago.

Several decades after God gave us Rockn'Roll

People almost forgot or ignore the fact

Rockn'Roll is about God and Heaven.

Rockn'Roll is about taking us to the next phase of our consciousness

Taking us to real freedom

Taking us to new kingdom of Jesus

It's time to remember what rockn'roll is for in the first place.

Rockn'Roll is all about having fun.

But if you really want to have fun, your mind has to be free.

Is your mind free?

When your mind is free,

free from everything,

you can have real faith in God.

We believe that's where new world is.

We believe that's where Jesus is waiting for us to come.

Rockn'Roll is the only way to free your mind.

And Jesus is the only way to heaven.

Like many legendary rockn'rollers said,

heaven is not a place you can go afterlife.

You can have heaven in your heart, right here right now

And we must go there now

Otherwise we will all be cut down and thrown into hellfire
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