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Ice Cold Music,LLC
Ice Cold Music,LLC

Tennessee, United States

HipHop / Rap

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Dayzon dedicated ,hard working ,goal oriented ,focused ,has the vision, has the heart ,self-made .I want to be the best at what ever I do .The way I got in the music industry is crazy .I moved to Atlanta ,it was a life changing event in my life .I come from a small town called Clarksville, Tennessee, where it seem like the only way to get money is to sell drugs .From what Iíve seen in Atlanta , black people are powerful and can do what you want to do like model ,music, business owner, doctor ,lawyer ,anything you feel me. That was amazing to me .In Tennessee the only good job you can get is a factory job, paying a little of nothing .But what I fell in love with was music and the lifestyle of the music industry .Hip hop was the biggest thing I was in to because I was meeting everybody like Lil Jon, Jazze Pha, Big Oomp, and Dj Jelly .

In the underground circuit everybody shows love. Seeing all these star in the Atl ,it was like the black Hollywood. This made my drive for the music industry sky rocket, I mean 24 hours a day .I still go hard right now 24 hours. My close friend Robert McDuffie took me under his wing and gave me the in's and out's of the A-town like how to network, staying focused ,and talking to people that could put me where I wanted to be.That was the big thing really, if you think about it. My partner MD knew everybody in the town from club owners, rappers, strippers ,hustlers , dude is connected to who you need to know .He hooked me up with them dudes from A.G Entertainment, they are promoters. They had Atl on lock on the party scenes, big events ,album release partys, they ran it, if you never been to A-town to see it for your self .

They gave me the game of promotion. So I saved up a couple checks from my job, the first thing I did was try to see what was missing in Clarksville, it was strippers . I got 6 strippers from Atlanta and did a show .It was the best I did because it was the first show I ever done in my life. I couldnít promote a lot because I stayed in Atlanta, But it was alright for the first time in the promoting business . After that I went on to do shows with B.G, Bun B, and Yo Gotti to name a few. In 2006 and beyond ,Ice Cold Music ,inc is a record label with Chop, Goon Squad, Alley Kat, Tzee Baby ,Project Boyz, and Drilla Fresh. History in the making!

Dayzon Johnson CEO and Founder
1106 East College St.
Clarksville, TN 37040
931-378-1511 or 931-647-7691
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