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Ian Fleming & The Secret Agents
Ian Fleming & The Secret Agents

Los Angeles
California, United States

Rock & Roll / Alternative

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Ian Fleming is a seasoned artist from Los Angeles.

Ian began his career as the original songwriter/vocalist/guitarist in the classic cult black metal band Ritual. He was a major force in the first two albums, "The Summoning" & "Demonic Winter Metal." He also produced and release a compilation CD in 1995 called Spiritual Sampler '95 on his own label Spiritual Productions. It was a roadmap to all the best L.A. death/black metal music at the time. But, the label could not sustain.

Ian began focusing on a wider range of songwriting, and music in general.
So began Ian Fleming & The Secret Agents. Ian was writing and playing by himself and had troubles finding like minded musicians in Los Angeles to accompany him. This spawned the idea for "The Secret Agents." It was also an obvious choice being that his name is what it is. The debut album "The Wrong One" was released in March '09 to rave reviews and impressive success. The band recently opened for rock legends Blue Oyster Cult. The hit single "I Suck" has generated a lot of attention and has been played on many major FM radio stations throughout the world.

Ian continues to write and produce and love all kinds of music. From Reggae to Black Metal and everything in between. Ian is currently keeping himself busy working behind the scenes on music for Snoop Dogg, Slightly Stoopid and Stephen Marley to name a few. Ian is also working hard on a new Ritual album and a new Secret Agents album as well.

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