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I Tell You What
I Tell You What

New Orleans
Louisiana, United States

Blues / Rock

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New Orleans--

I Tell You What is starting 2007 off with the release of What Would You Do?, The 17 song record was recorded in early 2006 and released January 23rd 2007.

Warm soulful vocals, clever honest lyrics, original song-writing, and ferocious improvisational episodes are the foundation of I Tell You Whatís debut, What Would You Do? A bluesy, rocking album, What Would You Do? will make blues fans blue, rockers rock, and hipsters hip. What Would You Do? serves so many great tastes and they taste great together!?

I Tell You What covers a wide range of styles, from blues and jazz to rock and folk, even soul and punk. Singer/songwriter/guitar instigant Adam Crochet absorbed the rich musical scene of New Orleans, incorporating it into his music, which is basically blues, but is actually very wide-ranging. He's not only a great lead guitarist with a style that is at once original and familiar, but also a very good singer-songwriter, who writes great lyrics and songs that could stand up in an acoustic setting. Crochet draws on influences including Peter Greenís psychedelic blues, Snooks Eaglinís guitar rumbas and Jimi Hendrixís combination of song craft and improvisational explosiveness.

With beautifully spare production, What Would You Do? is fronted by Crochetís recognizable vocals and guitar playing. Of 17 tracks, Crochet wrote 16 (with track 12 penned by Bill Richards) all of which highlight his aggressive tendencies as a songwriter and soloist. Crochet is able to combine the sophisticated absurdity of Steve Martin with the boldness of Stevie Ray Vaughn. All while creating a loosely produced, song-filled rock album appealing to indie, folk, jam band, rock, soul and blues fans alike.

Simply, I Tell You Whatís What Would You Do? takes you to an innocent time in New Orleans when a man, contemplating his life and his place in the world, just canít put answers to all of his questions.

Here is an album that hides the wit, but has plenty of it. This is the sort of album that reveals itself to you again and again as you become more familiar with it. Every song is a gem. This is I Tell You What from New Orleans, LA.
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