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Hyper Active
Hyper Active

New York, United States

HipHop / Rap / Alternative Rap

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Yonkers could use another winner! So why not me!? Born in the Bronx in the year 1985.I've been making music since the age of 9. "There's enough for everybody to enjoy!" I have'nt ever drank, smoke, or use any drug up to this date. Im highly Diverse, and have all sorts of styles! Open to all collabs, and beats. My ambition that I have for my career will take me through the roof, and stable me. I have opened up for SHEEK LOUCH in 2005 at a club called CHROME in PHILLY, MEPHIS BLEEK in 2003 in club A, had a show in the RHUMBA in the bronx in 2004, and interacted with numerous open mics, and talent shows that occured in highschools in Westchester, and multiple arenas throughout NYC. HYPE also known as THE CAPITAL H is the next upcoming artist in YOUR town. I also have major support in yonkers. Have around 150 songs done! Mixtape dropping soon "Wats All The Hype Bout" Now you might hear me crushing an industry beat, or you might see me in YOUR town performing something of my own! Watch Me!! " STOP THINKING, AND DO WHAT YOU THINKING OF DOING.....AND WHEN YOU SEE ME, DONT STARE... SAY SOMETHING!!! ITS THE CAPITAL H!!!!!! HOLLA".
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