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hpl HPL
hpl HPL

Alaska, United States

Acoustic Blues / Chicago Blues

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Automatic Bus Wash Machine
“Zonyi” W600-B3 bus wash equipment is fully automatic system. The equipment is roll over gantry type systems, where the bus is driven in by the customer. Then equipment use experienced brush washing technology. The complete equipment is built as modular structure and transported in partly assemble form.
This W600-B3 gantry type computerized bus washing machine can be used for bus, city bus and double deck bus etc. The body of machine could use for long time, stainless steel for the parts which may contact with water, the total using life more than 20 years. There are four washing type for choose, controlled by computer. America original foam brushes, impossible to scratch lacquer, each set could be used for 100,000 buses.
The structure is galvanized and painted, to avoid corrosion in the harsh bus wash condition
Equipment configuration:
It consists of gantry frame, horizontal brush, side brushes, spraying system, control system, operation system and optional chassis washing system.
1.Main constructions
1)Gantry frame: it is consisted of left frame post, right frame post, basement and ceiling frame. It is manufactured with stainless surface;
2)Horizontal brush: It includes brush, elevator and rotation equipment, the retarders of brush and rotation equipment are imported with high reliability.
3)Side brush: It includes brush, rotation device, moving device and brush-supporting arms. The pneumatic components of above are all imported for high reliability;
4)Spraying system: It mainly includes water pipe, nozzles, water pump. The spraying system will fulfill the function of washing.
5)Moving system: This system is installed on the basement of machine frame to move the complete machine alone the rails. Retarder is imported from Italy.
6)Computerized control & operation system: Then core of control system is PLC. It can control horizontal brush, side brush, spraying and moving action automatically.
7)Chassis cleaning: It washes the chassis by high pressure water. (Optional).
2.Main material
1)Imported components: side brush, horizontal brush, retarder, pump, PLC controller, etc.
2)Electric components: main electric components are imported from the world famous manufacturer, all components are from top supplier with high reliability.
3)Standard parts: the bearings, bolts, nuts and other fasteners are of good quality fulfill with international standard
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