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How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last
How Long Do LED Strip Lights Last

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LEDs, also known as ‘Light-Emitting Diodes’, have become one of the most popular lighting options on the market today. Invented by scientist Nick Holonyak Junior in the 1960s, these semiconductor devices were initially used for small electrical equipment and circuit boards. Over time, LEDs have evolved to become brighter, more long-lasting, and more diverse.

With their versatility, they can be used to complement interior designs or provide practical lighting solutions in any environment. Among the various types of LEDs, strip lights are favored by many. Are you in need of color-changing accent lights for your bedroom?

Or perhaps you want to illuminate the space under your kitchen cabinets? LED strip lights are an excellent choice for any DIY project, offering a cost-effective alternative lighting source. But you may wonder, how long do LED strip lights actually last? Are they worth the investment and effort of installation? In this article, Light Supplier will address these commonly asked questions about LED strip lights.

On average, LED strip lights have a lifespan of about 50,000 hours! However, this estimate can vary depending on the manufacturing quality and how you use them in your home. With proper maintenance, you can expect to get approximately six years of continuous use out of your strip lights. Remember to always turn off your LED strip lights when they are not in use to prevent unnecessary electricity wastage and increase their lifespan.

It’s important to note that LEDs are sensitive to temperature changes. Extreme hot or cold temperatures can significantly reduce their lifespan. Therefore, it is recommended to keep your LEDs at a stable room temperature for optimal performance and longevity.

Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs won’t suddenly switch off and leave you in the dark. However, they will gradually fade in brightness over time. While incandescent bulbs generate light through filaments, which eventually oxidize and burn out suddenly, LEDs experience “luminous decay.” This means that your LED strip lights will become noticeably dimmer as they age but will continue working even when their power diminishes.

The lighting industry measures the lifespan of LED strip lights using the L70 metric. This metric determines how long it takes for the lights to produce 30% less of their original luminescence. For example, our Fully Bendable FLEXile IP44 LED Strip Lighting has an impressive lamp life of approximately 30,000 hours. After three and a half years of continuous use, these LED strip lights will still produce 70% of their initial brightness. This long lifespan is one of the most appealing aspects of LED lights, in addition to their energy efficiency.

LED strip lights do generate heat, but not to the same extent as incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs, for instance, use around 90% of their energy to produce heat, which can cause them to shatter if left on for too long. In contrast, when LEDs produce heat, they use “heat sinks” to dissipate the warmth into the surrounding atmosphere. This allows the bulb to dedicate about 80% of its energy to producing light while efficiently releasing the remaining 20% as heat.

While it is true that anything that uses electricity to produce light will generate heat, LED strip lights are a popular choice due to their extreme energy efficiency. This energy efficiency not only makes them cost-effective but also reduces the risk of overheating.

As energy bills continue to rise, finding an economical way to light your home is essential. LED strip lights are a cost-effective lighting solution. They convert 80-90% of their energy into light production, making them the cheapest option available. According to the Energy Savings Trust, switching from incandescent bulbs to LED strip lights can save you a significant amount on your energy bills.

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By making the switch to LED strip lights, you not only save money but also contribute to creating a more eco-friendly home.

So far, we have answered the four main questions about LED strip lights: their lifespan, heat generation, cost to run, and energy efficiency. Now, let’s explore the benefits of using LED strip lights in your home.

LED strip lights offer unparalleled longevity, making them a convenient lighting solution. By investing in top-quality products from Light Supplier, you can have the same LED strip lights setup in your home for up to ten years!

Replacing old incandescent, fluorescent, or halogen bulbs with LED strip lights can save you money on your monthly bills. Additionally, choosing LEDs is a step toward reducing your carbon footprint and making your home more environmentally friendly.

LED strip lights are incredibly versatile as a lighting solution. They can be used in various areas of your home, including kitchen countertops, bedrooms, or as an inviting entryway feature. With LED strip lights, the possibilities are endless for creating the perfect lighting ambiance.

Ready to transform your home with the right lighting? Start today by browsing Light Supplier’s premium range of LED Lights. Our collection offers linkable, flexible, and waterproof RGB strips at affordable prices. Discover the endless possibilities of LED strip lights and create the perfect lighting atmosphere in your home.

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